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User Contributed Page

This page has been created to allow Envision users to share any related code or components. If you have any code (freeware, shareware, commercial, open source, etc..). you would like to make available to other users send an email to support@intervalsoftware.com.

Bill Miller has created a dialog box to select the options for the TThumbnailCreator class available in version 2.

Nick Boland has created an add-on library that includes optimized transforms for black and white imaging (including deskew), basic bar code recognition, and experimental OCR. This is an open source library with complete source code! This package is now included as an add-on in  version 3.

Yosi Mazal-Tov has created an add-on unit to convert Quick Reports to tiff or jpg files. 

Fernand Veilleux has create a class to handle an "undo/redo" list that can be used with the TImageScrollBox component or any other class that stores objects in streams.